Making of: Hunger is a Monster

Interview with Platige Images

Q: Talk us through the brief…

“It wasn’t too detailed. We were supposed to create strong images of personified hunger as a monster. As for the visual part, screenplay, direction, the whole language of the movie, I was given a lot of artistic freedom.”

Q: How did the stylised look of the spot come about?

“I wanted to create strongly stylized image. I thought of working with live actress but that didn’t mean I wanted it to be realistic. I wanted to show the painting-like images, to emphasize its intensity. The combination of all above should cause anxiety and fear.”

Director Marcin Filipek wanted to show painting-like images to emphasize intensity

Q: What 3D software did you use? What programme was the most useful?

“Maya, 3ds Max, Yeti, Arnold, V-Ray, FumeFX, Krakatoa, ZBrush, Mari, Nuke, After Effects and Optical Flares.

“For me it was FumeFX and Krakatoa, because most of the shots are packed with simulation.”

Q: What was the most technically impressive aspect of the project?

“Putting all the pieces together, combining different techniques and programs. We had parts of material prepared with help of different softwares. Our biggest challenge was to unify them and put all the pieces together in compositing.”

The Platige Image team had to create strong images of personified hunger as a monster
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