Business Cards Competition

Animation majors,

Career Fair is on March 7th, which means it is time to update our resumes, build our portfolios, and create some nifty business cards.
To help students out, the Animation Department is hosting a Business Card Competition!
It is simple. Submit your design following the guidelines below by February 17th. Our panel of graphic design students and professors will choose the top three designs and the Animation Department will have them printed for you for FREE through, one of the best places to get business cards printed.

Not the best graphic designer? No worries! Submit anyways because you never know if you’ll win, and even if you don’t, our panel of graphic designers will provide you with the feedback you need to make sure those cards are ready for Career Fair.

Business Card Competition Rules:

1. Must be an Animation major.
2. Please submit your files in a .psd, .ai, .pdf, .jpg, or .png. If you submit a .psd or .ai, please make sure to send your font file with it.
You must use either the template for the Minicards or the business cards if you want them printed.

These are the recommended sizes from, which is where they will be printed if you win.

Product Minimum (96dpi) Recommended (300dpi)
MiniCards 280 x 121 pixels 874 x 378 pixels
Business Cards 333 x 223 pixels 1039 x 697 pixels

3. File Naming
Please have two separate files for your front and back. Name them accordingly:
If you plan to make use of Moo’s Printfinity feature, ( then please upload your files as:



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