TENDRIL – Toronto, CA


Tendril is a studio where directors, designers, and artists from diverse backgrounds create powerful visual storytelling experiences, employing a wide range of styles and techniques. We devour film, art, and design at a frightening rate. We ask questions, listen, sketch, and create. We dare to be naive and see every new client and brief as an opportunity to create our best work. We are full of ideas and untold stories. We are passionate and precise. Our vision is to rediscover the everyday through the filter of our imaginations. To inspire and be inspired.


Tendril is always excited to welcome new interns who are keen on learning and putting their skills to use.
All interns have the opportunity to work closely with and shadow our creative team and producers on a regular basis. They learn to work with the information, materials, and programmes that are vital to our animation and design process.
Our ideal candidates have a strong interest in animation/design/art/illustration, a flourishing portfolio, a keen eye for detail and an enthusiasm to learn.
We can work with the schedule of the selected applicant, but ideally you interns are available at least 2 full days a week, for at least 2 months.


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