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The Reel FX Apprenticeship Program, known as Reel FX University (RFXU),
offers selected participants the chance of a lifetime:
the opportunity to gain insight and real-world experience in their chosen career paths by working hands-on for a respected, award-winning studio. Reel FX University’s Apprenticeship Programs are six-month long, paid Apprenticeships that are available twice each year (summer/winter).
•Summer/Winter term Apprenticeships are full-time commitments (40 hours per week) for six months working on-site at either Reel FX Santa Monica or Reel FX Dallas.
•While this is a paid Apprenticeship, RFXU Apprentices are responsible for their own housing and transportation.
•Apprentices are provided with access to the facility and are given a login, workspace, and email account. Apprentices will be provided with a computer workstation and access to all applicable production tools and software.
•Each Apprentice experiences real-time, hands-on opportunities to interact with ReelFX creative and production professionals across all levels and disciplines within the company.
•Apprentices get a first-hand experience of the production pipeline and the processes of digital animation and effects for live-action and CG features, commercials, special attractions and interactive work.
•Reel FX matches the skills and interests of the Apprentice with the best-suited activities in the studio, structuring an appropriate Apprenticeship for each individual.
•Every effort will be made to answer questions from our Apprentices and to help them pursue their goals. With the understanding that we are in production, Reel FX is eager to maximize the RFXU Apprenticeship experience.
Q:Are these paid Apprenticeships?
Q:In what areas does RFXU offer Apprenticeships?
A:RFXU offers Apprenticeships in all areas of the creative process, depending on
the needs of our project teams, as well as Apprenticeships in other important
areas of the studio, including Information Technology, Operations and
Production Management.
Q:What are the qualifications needed in order to be considered for an RFXU
-A major in computer animation, digital arts, fine arts, computer science or
related field.
-Proof of eligibility to work in the United States.
-A passion for creativity, hard work and making a di
We do not provide internship opportunities for high school students.
Q: How many Apprentices do you accept every year?
A: The number varies. It is based on the number of projects in-house at the beginning of each Apprenticeship program and the need for artists
each project demands. On average, Reel FX brings in ten Apprentices for the fall and summer programs, totaling approximately 20 Apprentices each year.
Q: Do you provide housing or transportation for Apprentices?
A: No, you’ll need to find a place to live and to secure transportation to/from the studio while you are working at Reel FX.
Q: If I do a great job as an Apprentice, does that mean you will offer me a job when the program is over?
A: While we would like to hire all of our outstanding RFXU Apprentices, we are not always able to do so. With that said, a number of our past Apprentices have joined Reel FX as either run-of-project freelancers or as permanent staff hires.

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