Leviathan – Intern



Located in Chicago.


If you’re in school about to graduate but feel you have what it takes to start working now, let’s put that theory to the test:  apply to be an intern at Leviathan. We’re looking for top-notch designers, animators, programmers and even producers to help us out in an apprentice capacity. So if you’re handy with the Adobe Suite or an Arduino board, or whether you animate characters or composite them, send us your portfolio and when you’re looking to hook up…maybe you’re one of us.

Current students or recent graduates only:

  • Versatile designers and animators:  illustration, type, graphic design, motion graphics, characters
  • Versatile 3D artists:  modelers, animators, lighters (Maya preferred, Cinema 4D considered)
  • Versatile compositors:  handy with Nuke and After Effects
  • Creative Engineers:  feel comfy with Touch Designer, C++, OpenGL, Maya scripting, Arduino boards
  • Producer assistants:  well-written, well-spoken, organized folks who have experience with production & post-production

Contact intern@lvthn.com


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