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CG Student Awards


Why submit?


You win a bunch of prizes just for entering. This means you have absolutely no reasons not to enter!

Sponsor Prize
Siteground  12 Months Website Hosting Package
Digital Tutors  1 Month Access to Training
3D Total  3D Creative Issue
3D Total  2D Artist Issue
Prize Value: $80.00


To learn more about the prizes, check out:

You could also win internships:



Muse Games Art Internship

Muse Games: Art Internship Posting 2014


Muse Games is an independent games studio located in New York City.  We’ve developed many kinds of games on several different platforms, taking people into bioluminescent forests or onboard steampunk airships .  Our biggest game yet is Guns of Icarus Online.  We’re always taking risks, challenging ourselves to innovate, and making the games that we want to make.

We’re gamers at heart and because of that, we create games that we want to play.  Since we play all kinds of games from blockbusters to rare tabletop adventures, we try to bring our experiences and interests together to create something truly unique.

We have fun making our games and enjoy playing them once they’re out the door.  Once they’re out in the wild, though, we pay special attention to our customers and aim to offer them the best support they’ve ever had.

Everything we do at Muse Games is done as a family.  Everything has a personal touch.


Do you appreciate the finer visual details in video games?  Do you enjoy playing competitive games with your friends?  Are you self-motivated and a team-oriented individual?  Do you know how to put your time to good use without constant oversight?

We’re looking for an awesome artist to join us in an internship position.

This is a for credit position.


  • A passion for video games
  • Self-motivated, good communication skills, team-oriented individual
  • Minimum 2 years of experience modeling, texturing, or concepting using Maya or Photoshop (or equivalent 3D and 2D programs)
  • Strong understanding of form, shape, structure, and silhouette in regard to modeling
  • A good eye for light, shade, color, and detail in creation of texture maps or concept paintings
  • Willing and able to commute to Lower Manhattan


Though not strictly required, candidates with one or more of the following areas of knowledge would be given more consideration:

  • Experience with ZBrush, Mudbox (or similar sculpting programs), retopologizing, and generation of normal maps
  • Strong foundation in traditional arts like figure drawing, environmental, or architectural illustration
  • Experience with Unity3D game engine
  • Martial arts experience (not joking)
  • Airship crew or captaining experience (also not joking, but kind of joking)


  • Assisting the art team to develop current and ongoing projects
  • Depending on your skillset, you will be responsible for assets that will be 100% used in the game or as a part of our concept portfolio

Still interested?

Send in your portfolio* and resume to


Like this… Not this…

Some amazingly helpful hints when trying to make your animations more successful and exciting.



Reel Roulette

Today in Junior Seminar, Marsha from Career Development stopped by and mentioned a website called Reel Roulette.


Reel Roulette features demo reels from motion graphic artists, animators, compositors, visual effects artists, etc. All you have to do click “Next Reel” and you jump to a random demo reel which you can “like”. Anyone can submit their demo reel to the site (via a vimeo link) and it gets added to their collection.

Its a great way to get your work out there and also discover whats out there.

I submitted mine this morning and here’s what it looks like:


Norman McLaren Film Screening

Here’s the Facebook event page for the Norman McLaren film screening this Wednesday (April 9th) at Holy Underground at 2021 Maryland Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21218 there is street parking and the event is free. The screening begins at 8pm and will conclude at 10pm.


Films being screened are INCLUDING (but not limited to):

– Stars & Stripes
– Begone Dull Care
– Neighbours
– Lines Horizontal
– Lines Vertical
– La Poulette Grise
– A Chairy Tale
– Synchromy
– Pas de Deux

+ The Eye Hears, The Ear Sees (a short documentary on McLaren’s career, also on 16mm)