Meet our Mentors!

Program Coordinators

Hi, we are the Program Coordinators of AMP. We try our best to help you succeed in MICA’s animation program. If you have any suggestions or concerns, we are always here to help!


Kat Navarro                   Jessica Whang                   Vanessa King

3D Animation Team

Although everyone on our team knows the basics of Maya, each 3D mentor also has their very own specialty that may include  zBrush, Cinema 4D, After Effects, Unity, Rhino, 3D Printing, Revit, Motion Graphics, Programming, Bone-based Character Rigging, etc.  Most of our team resides in Brown 205, but you may occasionally find them wandering off into 204.

Zachary Lyles

Stop Motion Team

Our stop motion team is an extremely creative group. Through innovative thinking, this stop motion team uses materials around them to hand build their own world. They know the ins and outs of Dragon Frame, set building, character animation, puppet building, paper cut outs, and more!  They move around the most between Fox 214 and Brown 212.

                             kat_photo Willy_circleEmily_Circle

     Kat Navarro                     Willy Fair                 Emily Hawkins

2D Animation Team

Our 2D animation team knows exactly how it feels to create hundreds of drawings in one sitting. Their experience with traditional animation combined with varying knowledge in programs such as After Effects, Photoshop, TVPaint, Premiere, and Flash has prepared them to help you with 2D animation when you need it most. In addition, their differing passions for color theory, storyboarding, character animation, and character design have equipped them with tips and tricks to help you make something great.

Jessica_circle  grussillo_amp_selfie

    Jessica Whang                 Gabrielle Russillo

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