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Like this… Not this…

Some amazingly helpful hints when trying to make your animations more successful and exciting.



Really Cool Tutorial on Animating in Photoshop

To those of you who attended Juliana’s 10 minute talk and want to learn more about animating in Photoshop, here’s a great tutorial on how to do that.

Thank you Natasha Nayo for sending us this link!

Animation Tutorial from Ty Carter

Ty Carter, Designer at Blue Sky Studios, posted a few tutorials regarding painting from a photo reference and understanding design, color and value. It really quick and to the point. Definitely got quite a few really great tips on there.


Thanks Paulene for finding this!

ty carter tut 1 ty carter tut 4 ty carter tut2 ty carter tut3

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Digital Painting in Photoshop

Basic to Advanced Color Theory and Illustration Techniques for Photoshop

There is a blog that features everything that you can possibly imagine about illustrating in Photoshop. Just click on the site, and your mouth will drop at all the amazing things that are on there. Thank you Melissa McIndoe for this great find!

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Animating in Photoshop CS6

For those of you who are animating in Brown where we still are using CS6 rather than CC, animating Photoshop is a little complicated.

Thank you Juliana for finding this rad tutorial that breaks it down for us in 10 minutes.

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