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Henning Sanden – Modeling Demo Reel


Henning Sanden created a really nice 3D modeling demo reel.  So what’s neat about it?

1) He labels all his projects in the lower left hand corner.

2) Model turntables. He does full 360 rotations of his models.

3) Lighting. He uses really nice area lights (or something similar) that is diffused like a soft box, so its wide enough that it isn’t too harsh or pinpointed and at the same time, it allows me to see what kind of specularity/reflection/refraction/incandescence he has on his textures. Pretty much, they not only show of his modeling skills, but also his texturing skills. For the models where he is just showing off his modeling skills, he uses a red light on one side of it. This really adds some depth and dimension.

4) Wireframes. Occasionally, he will show off his wireframe, which is really neat to see because its so clean.

5) He varies things up. Based on each project, things change. He picks and chooses which project to show off the model, wireframe, finished renders, textures, etc. He’s also selective about what he says for each project. Most projects, he just wrote the name of the project, but for the last project, he mentioned his process, which is really important just for that one project.

6) The description. Instead of putting all the information right there  in the demo reel, he chose to leave some of it for the description, which reads:

“This is my modeling reel for 2014.

Primary tools – modo and Maya
Sculpting – ZBrush
Texturing – Mari
Rendering -Vray and modo
Photoscanning – Agisoft Photoscan
Compositing – Nuke
You can see more of my work on my website –”

What’s great about that is that when I watch his demo reel, I can just enjoy it without having to worry so much about reading all the text in time before it changes to the next clip.


Anyways, check out Henning Sanden’s work. It is seriously some amazing stuff. Website is .

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Animating Quadrupeds Study

Animating quadrupeds is extremely difficult in 3D to really master that motion. I found this really quick test a nice way to see how one moves from various angles. Take a look and hopefully this helps.




And also the free demo introduction of the Digital Tutors “Animating Quadrupeds in Maya 8.5” gives you a little insight as well.

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The Greatest CG Walk Cycle Ever

Architecture + Evolution + Movement

Referencing the utopian visions of 1960’s architecture practice Archigram, Walking City is a slowly evolving video sculpture. The language of materials and patterns seen in radical architecture transform as the nomadic city walks endlessly, adapting to the environments she encounters.


Creative Director : Matt Pyke
Animation : Chris Perry
Sound : Simon Pyke

Art of the Title

Ever seen a really good title sequence? There is actually a lot more to it than just placing text on top of a video. If you haven’t checked this website out, make sure you do:

It has all sorts of amazing work, making of videos and interviews, and tips on approaching a title sequence.

Here are two that I found really interesting:





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The External World – David OReilly

Fantastically Fucked Animation feature, 3D animation at its glitchiest (for you getting into 3DS Max look for the token tea pot)

**Soundtrack available here- ***

Winner of Stuff.
World premiere at the 67th Venice Film Festival
US premiere at Sundance 2011



[vimeo 9856705 w=500 h=281]

Making of: Backwater Gospel

This is a very neat 3D Animation made to have a 2D feel to it. Check it out!


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Inspiration: Dan Marbaix’s Photography

Dan is a photographer in the UK who has been exploring run down and abandoned sites. You can definitely draw some inspiration for places from here especially for the 3D Modeling Landscape class. Cool stuff, look into it.

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Pixologic Tutorials

For anyone who wants to get started in zbrush, Pixologic has free tutorials on their website: 

They also a feature great links to zbrush creations to get you inspired! Below are some images straight from the Pixologic galleries, to see more check out:  

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