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Welcome Pizza Party

Hey there!!


We are ready to kick off the semester with a WELCOME PIZZA PARTY for all Animation students!!!

Come to FOX 213 – Our new Senior Studio space at 12:15 PM on Wednesday, September 10 for some pizza and updates on the semester.

See you all there!


Norman McLaren Film Screening

Here’s the Facebook event page for the Norman McLaren film screening this Wednesday (April 9th) at Holy Underground at 2021 Maryland Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21218 there is street parking and the event is free. The screening begins at 8pm and will conclude at 10pm.


Films being screened are INCLUDING (but not limited to):

– Stars & Stripes
– Begone Dull Care
– Neighbours
– Lines Horizontal
– Lines Vertical
– La Poulette Grise
– A Chairy Tale
– Synchromy
– Pas de Deux

+ The Eye Hears, The Ear Sees (a short documentary on McLaren’s career, also on 16mm) 

Animation Department – Open Forum on March 12 2:30pm BR 205 !!!

On March 12, 2:30 PM in Brown 205, AMP will be hosting an OPEN FORUM. If you have concerns, suggestions, or questions, stop by and speak up!! Or just stop by to listen and learn more about the department.

Mentors from AMP and SVA Reps will be there to hear you out!!

If you can’t make it but would like to have some questions answered or make a suggestion or comment, fill out a form in the FORMS tab above or talk/email any of your SVA Reps, Clara Hickman, Juliana Chen, Paulene Phouybanhdyt, Bhakti Patel, sLuke Martin, and Drew Shields.



Q&A Session with Kit Ho and Jeff Turley of Disney

Q&A Session with Kit Ho and Jeff Turley

If you missed the Q&A session on Friday, no worries. Juliana Chen was kind enough to take a few notes.

Check it out:

On making connections:

Kit made her connections that landed her first gig by going and meeting the same representative at Siggraph for 3 years. He remembered her, and when he remembered she was graduating, he sent her an offer. (not immediately after Kit graduated though.)

Jeff made his connection to Disney by participating in the Talent Development Program, which was a very rigorous and challenging experience. (he really emphasized how tough it was.)

What really matters is getting your foot in the door, because afterward getting a job will be easier.

Have networking etiquette: don’t be creepy, meet a representative for an honest critique of your work and ask how you can improve, and you only need to meet that representative about the job one time. Any more may be spilling over into the creepy zone.

Be a person people  would like to work with.

On their job:

As a Production Assistant at Disney, Kit has to work in each department at least once.

As an art director, Jeff…directs the art.

Job advice:

Apply everywhere.

Your portfolio should feel personal, like a reviewer can tell what kind of person you are by looking through your portfolio. Aka don’t fill it up purely with classwork.

Sometimes you just have to be at the right place at the right time.

Also, set yourself boundaries, takes breaks.

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10 Min Talks Schedule!!

Ten minute talks are a 10 minute introduction to programs, techniques and styles that your classmates and teachers know a lot about but perhaps you don’t!  There are so many tools out there that it’s impossible to master them all in four years, but by pooling our collective knowledge, we can all learn new things together.

Ten minute talks take place in Brown 205 at 2:30.

Upcoming Talks:

2/12  Juliana Chen : Senior Animation major who will be talking about a flash and photoshop animation pipeline.

2/19  Karen Chang: Junior Interactive Arts major who will be giving an intro to Unity, the gaming engine.

2/26  Jes Lewis:  Senior Animation major and career development advisor who will be talking about how to prepare for the career fair and catch that dream job.

3/5  Boone Snavely: Senior Animation major who will demonstrate his style, particularly in regards to human anatomy.

SIGGRAPH Student Volunteer Position

The SIGGRAPH Conference draws thousands of attendees together from around the world, along with industry professionals who are linked by a drive to push the boundaries of advanced computer technologies.

As a Student Volunteer, students will get to peek behind the curtain and become an essential part of running this prestigious, international event. The benefits of being a Student Volunteer extend beyond the free full admission conference pass and include:

  • Networking with thousands of peers and industry professionals

  • One-on-one demo reel, resume and portfolio reviews

  • Student Volunteer Special Sessions with leading companies

  • Chances to see advance screenings of some of the best animated shorts in the world

  • Fun events that provide the chance to meet new friends



For information on how to apply, eligibility requirements, benefits and more visit

DEADLINE: February 9 2014

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MICA Animation Meet&Greet Event

Come on out because there will be free ice cream!!!

Flyer Final

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MICA Animation Resource: MICA Animation’s Student Run Tumblr

Juliana Chen, Senior SVA Rep, is currently running the MICA Animation tumblr site.

There’s some great things out there, including alumni work, current senior thesis bits and pieces, work in progress animations, and all sorts of other awesome stuff.

check it out at

If you want your stuff shown, submit things to them or follow their tumblr!

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