Screen Novelties – Internship Stop Motion

Screen Novelties was formed in 2003 by Mark Caballero, Seamus Walsh, and Christopher Finnegan with the goal of bringing the whimsy and dynamism of classic cartoons into the realm of stop motion animation. We have a studio in Los Angeles full of fabric, feathers, foam, and glitter. Screen Novelties is also home to a talented circle of freelance animators, sculptors, designers, photographers, and digital artists.

Past and current clients include Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney, Nike, Hallmark, FOX, and Paramount.


Thanks for taking an interest in Screen Novelties! We occasionally have job openings and internships. Frequent needs include Stop-motion Animators, After Effects Artists, and Puppet and Set Fabricators. If you would like to apply please email the following to:

  • Brief introduction describing your interests and goals. What are your influences? Why are you drawn to our studio?
  • Resume/CV detailing education, work experience, and specific skills.
  • Work Samples such as: demo reel; short films; works in progress; sketches and illustrations; photos of dimensional work. In the case of collaborative work, please describe your contribution. Your submissions don’t have to be slick or polished—rough work is OK.

Digital files and web links are preferred to hard copies.

We try to respond to everyone, but don’t always have time. If you wish to follow-up on a submission, email is preferred to phone calls. Because our needs change from month to month, applicants are invited to periodically submit updated resumes and materials.


Interesting Character Demo Reel – Stefan Mayr


I came across this demo reel a few months ago and thought it was really interesting how he created his demo reel. It was put together pretty well and here are just a few things that he does really well:

1) He shows what programs he uses in a very simple way. By adding the icons to the side whenever he presents a new project.
Really simple and nicely done and also not distracting. Its not like 5 different colors or anything, just simple and clean.

2) He started with his strongest work. I loved that character in the beginning and immediately wanted to watch the rest of it.

3) He put his name and contact info in the beginning. Well most people do it right from the start, but he chose to show a clip from his work first, get the audience’s interest, and then put his contact info. Interesting move and in this case it worked well.

4) Character Rotations. Those character rotations are just beautiful. Steady and clean, well lit, and doesn’t have a distracting background. And he also shows off the wireframe.

5) The framing. From 1:20 – 1:30 , I cannot stress enough how smart it was to frame it like that. It lets us see the whole character and just focus on that, and then slowly brings in the rest of the character from head to toe really large.

6) Shot Breakdown. 1:30 – 1:50, a really nice shot breakdown where we can see the final scene, the wireframe, etc.

7) Overlaying Rigs. 1:52 – 2:00, he overlaid the rig on top of the character, fading it in and out, so we can actually see how well it was done.


Of course all of these things are not required in a demo reel. You don’t need to show shot breakdowns or do character rotations, or list all the programs you use. It all varies with the kind of work you do, what/who you are making the demo reel for, and what you want to show off. But if you want to present yourself as a character animator/modeler, this is a nice demo reel to inspire you.


Reel FX Internships

Main Website:

More info on internship:


The Reel FX Apprenticeship Program, known as Reel FX University (RFXU),
offers selected participants the chance of a lifetime:
the opportunity to gain insight and real-world experience in their chosen career paths by working hands-on for a respected, award-winning studio. Reel FX University’s Apprenticeship Programs are six-month long, paid Apprenticeships that are available twice each year (summer/winter).
•Summer/Winter term Apprenticeships are full-time commitments (40 hours per week) for six months working on-site at either Reel FX Santa Monica or Reel FX Dallas.
•While this is a paid Apprenticeship, RFXU Apprentices are responsible for their own housing and transportation.
•Apprentices are provided with access to the facility and are given a login, workspace, and email account. Apprentices will be provided with a computer workstation and access to all applicable production tools and software.
•Each Apprentice experiences real-time, hands-on opportunities to interact with ReelFX creative and production professionals across all levels and disciplines within the company.
•Apprentices get a first-hand experience of the production pipeline and the processes of digital animation and effects for live-action and CG features, commercials, special attractions and interactive work.
•Reel FX matches the skills and interests of the Apprentice with the best-suited activities in the studio, structuring an appropriate Apprenticeship for each individual.
•Every effort will be made to answer questions from our Apprentices and to help them pursue their goals. With the understanding that we are in production, Reel FX is eager to maximize the RFXU Apprenticeship experience.
Q:Are these paid Apprenticeships?
Q:In what areas does RFXU offer Apprenticeships?
A:RFXU offers Apprenticeships in all areas of the creative process, depending on
the needs of our project teams, as well as Apprenticeships in other important
areas of the studio, including Information Technology, Operations and
Production Management.
Q:What are the qualifications needed in order to be considered for an RFXU
-A major in computer animation, digital arts, fine arts, computer science or
related field.
-Proof of eligibility to work in the United States.
-A passion for creativity, hard work and making a di
We do not provide internship opportunities for high school students.
Q: How many Apprentices do you accept every year?
A: The number varies. It is based on the number of projects in-house at the beginning of each Apprenticeship program and the need for artists
each project demands. On average, Reel FX brings in ten Apprentices for the fall and summer programs, totaling approximately 20 Apprentices each year.
Q: Do you provide housing or transportation for Apprentices?
A: No, you’ll need to find a place to live and to secure transportation to/from the studio while you are working at Reel FX.
Q: If I do a great job as an Apprentice, does that mean you will offer me a job when the program is over?
A: While we would like to hire all of our outstanding RFXU Apprentices, we are not always able to do so. With that said, a number of our past Apprentices have joined Reel FX as either run-of-project freelancers or as permanent staff hires.

The Making of: Mighty Antlers

If you are a huge fan of Backwater Gospel (and I am sure all of you are), then you are going to love Mighty Antlers. This 3D animation made to look 2D is absolutely amazing.

Just take a look and check out the making of video as well. The making video features storyboards, animatics, character design, layer order, etc. It’s really neat to just take a look at.

Animation Department – Open Forum on March 12 2:30pm BR 205 !!!

On March 12, 2:30 PM in Brown 205, AMP will be hosting an OPEN FORUM. If you have concerns, suggestions, or questions, stop by and speak up!! Or just stop by to listen and learn more about the department.

Mentors from AMP and SVA Reps will be there to hear you out!!

If you can’t make it but would like to have some questions answered or make a suggestion or comment, fill out a form in the FORMS tab above or talk/email any of your SVA Reps, Clara Hickman, Juliana Chen, Paulene Phouybanhdyt, Bhakti Patel, sLuke Martin, and Drew Shields.



TENDRIL – Toronto, CA

Tendril is a studio where directors, designers, and artists from diverse backgrounds create powerful visual storytelling experiences, employing a wide range of styles and techniques. We devour film, art, and design at a frightening rate. We ask questions, listen, sketch, and create. We dare to be naive and see every new client and brief as an opportunity to create our best work. We are full of ideas and untold stories. We are passionate and precise. Our vision is to rediscover the everyday through the filter of our imaginations. To inspire and be inspired.


Tendril is always excited to welcome new interns who are keen on learning and putting their skills to use.
All interns have the opportunity to work closely with and shadow our creative team and producers on a regular basis. They learn to work with the information, materials, and programmes that are vital to our animation and design process.
Our ideal candidates have a strong interest in animation/design/art/illustration, a flourishing portfolio, a keen eye for detail and an enthusiasm to learn.
We can work with the schedule of the selected applicant, but ideally you interns are available at least 2 full days a week, for at least 2 months.


Brand New School (BNS) – Internship in LA and NYC

bns. is the award-winning design and animation division of Brand New School. Our talents span the creative spectrum from design, motion graphics, and visual identity design to CG animation and visual effects.

We believe in the power of design and visual thinking fused with a highly collaborative creative process. Our staff is an ambitious group of creative directors, designers, animators, art directors, and visual effects artists; passionate about creating new visual languages and solving complex problems.

Brand New School is a creative community devoted to creating new forms of visual communication. Our company has produced award-winning commercials, integrated digital campaigns, interactive installations, web and mobile applications, games, art installations, brand identities and print communications.

Brand New School consists of three interconnected divisions; bns.(design & animation), bns.labs (interactive media), and bns.films (film/content production). This multidisciplinary alchemy enables us to create thoughtful solutions for clients across platforms and without boundaries.

Our process prizes collaboration, research, experimentation, failure, discovery, and laughter. We’ve been practicing these principles from our studios in New York and Los Angeles since 2000.

We are always looking for tomorrow’s brightest minds in all shapes, sizes and stages of development. If you think you have something to contribute and aren’t afraid of failure, please email us at


Hurry up, download this special test and fill it out as fast as you can. Then wait. Well suited practice for a future in advertising.APPLY NOW


Q&A Session with Kit Ho and Jeff Turley of Disney

Q&A Session with Kit Ho and Jeff Turley

If you missed the Q&A session on Friday, no worries. Juliana Chen was kind enough to take a few notes.

Check it out:

On making connections:

Kit made her connections that landed her first gig by going and meeting the same representative at Siggraph for 3 years. He remembered her, and when he remembered she was graduating, he sent her an offer. (not immediately after Kit graduated though.)

Jeff made his connection to Disney by participating in the Talent Development Program, which was a very rigorous and challenging experience. (he really emphasized how tough it was.)

What really matters is getting your foot in the door, because afterward getting a job will be easier.

Have networking etiquette: don’t be creepy, meet a representative for an honest critique of your work and ask how you can improve, and you only need to meet that representative about the job one time. Any more may be spilling over into the creepy zone.

Be a person people  would like to work with.

On their job:

As a Production Assistant at Disney, Kit has to work in each department at least once.

As an art director, Jeff…directs the art.

Job advice:

Apply everywhere.

Your portfolio should feel personal, like a reviewer can tell what kind of person you are by looking through your portfolio. Aka don’t fill it up purely with classwork.

Sometimes you just have to be at the right place at the right time.

Also, set yourself boundaries, takes breaks.

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Baltimore National Aquarium – Illustration and Visual Production Interns

Ideal for any Animators who are also illustration concentrators or video concentrators (MARCH 1 DEADLINE) :

Creative Services – Illustration Internship

Job Description:

The selected Creative Services – Illustration intern(s) assist the Marketing Department with digital and hand-drawn illustrations of aquatic life—animals and environmental—to fulfill the needs of various Aquarium departments.

Essential Functions:

  • Illustrate realistic and stylized images to add to our library
  • Illustrate images for specific project-based fulfillment
  • Respond to client requests in a timely manner
  • Assist with administrative tasks, mailings, etc.
  • Join the Creative Services team for meetings and special events
  • Complete special projects as assigned


  • Must have a diverse portfolio showing realistic and stylized illustrations
  • Ability to illustrate by hand and digitally
  • Must have working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite CS6
  • Must be able to operate within Microsoft Office systems
  • Must be proficient with the Macintosh platform
  • Must be self-motivated and possess sharp attention to detail, the ability to work independently or as part of a team, a flexible and creative personality, and the ability to manage multiple projects
  • Must complete a minimum of 120 hours of work within the selected term
  • Preference is given to juniors and seniors.
  • Open to undergraduate students pursuing a degree in photography, graphic design, illustration or a related field from an accredited college or university

Visual Productions Internship

Visual Productions interns provide assistance to the Aquarium’s Visual Productions staff.

Essential Functions

Visual Productions interns:

  • Assist in maintaining the organization of the National Aquarium’s video library
  • Assist in the transfer of archived videos to DVD
  • Assist with the editing of projects in Final Cut Pro 5 by logging and digitizing footage
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Must be a college sophomore, junior, or senior pursuing a degree in film, television, or a related field
  • Must have basic knowledge of non-linear editing software
  • Must be able to operate within Microsoft Office systems
  • Must be able to climb stairs and lift up to 50 pounds
  • Must complete a minimum of 120 hours of work within the selected term.

Toy Design Internship

Toy Design Intern-Summer 2014 Job

Date: Feb 13, 2014

Location: Pawtucket, RI, US

Toy Design Intern-Summer 2014

Location: RI – Pawtucket
Employment Type: Intern
ID: 8568


Toy Design Summer Intern (May – August)

Help Hasbro explore new avenues in toy development. We are looking for team members who are fearless with their ideas and are looking to develop their talents. Candidates will ideate, sketch, draw and build concept models, while working in an innovative and creative environment. We offer an amazing experience to learn from some of the industry’s top designers.


Candidate will interact with Design and Development staff, toy and game designers, graphic designers, model makers and other artists.

Other Key Relationships:

Candidate will collaborate with various departments such as Global Marketing, Global Engineering and Packaging. In addition, candidate may be required to produce a concept design project with other interns from various departments.


Create innovative, robust, user-oriented and consumer-centric products

Assist in the overall project and technical design development efforts of multiple assigned brands/product lines.

Contribute in brainstorm sessions and consistently apply on-trend design insight for product development.

Participate in product review meetings and present material to all levels of management.

Utilize internal resources and time management skills to independently manage projects to meet deadlines for self.

Build confidence and knowledge when interacting with internal / external partners and presenting design solutions.


Must be a current undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a degree program

Desired areas of study include: Industrial Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Fine Art

Desired software includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Solid Works, InDesign, Maya, Zbrush

Candidates must submit a link to an online portfolio to be considered for Hasbro’s intern program.

Prior Experience desired:

Illustration, 3D modeling, sketching, rendering, animation, storyboarding, sculpting, along with traditional art skills such as drawing, painting, sculpture. Candidates with an interest in fashion design, color or merging digital and physical experiences are encouraged to apply.

Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) is a branded play company dedicated to fulfilling the fundamental need for play for children and families through creative expression of the Company’s world class brand portfolio, including TRANSFORMERS, MONOPOLY, PLAY-DOH, MY LITTLE PONY, MAGIC: THE GATHERING, NERF, LITTLEST PET SHOP and G.I. JOE. From toys and games, to television programming, motion pictures, digital gaming and a comprehensive licensing program, Hasbro strives to delight its global customers with innovative play and entertainment experiences, in a variety of forms and formats, anytime and anywhere. Through the company’s deep commitment to corporate social responsibility, including philanthropy, Hasbro is helping to build a safe and sustainable world for future generations and to positively impact the lives of millions of children and families every year. It has been recognized for its efforts by being named one of the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” and is ranked as one of Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s “100 Best Corporate Citizens.” Learn more at

For more information about careers at Hasbro become a fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and join our careers group on LinkedIn.

J2W Posting Code: Internships



BUCK Internship



BUCK is seeking 3D interns. This is an excellent opportunity for 3D students to experience first hand the commercial production process.

Candidates should have experience in the core areas of 3D production including modeling, texturing, lighting/materials, as well as a basic understanding of the compositing process theory.

Qualifications and responsibilities include:

  • Experience and working knowledge of Autodesk Maya.
  • More favorable candidates will have a strength in at least one of the following areas: hard surface/organic modeling, sculpting, Vray, node based compositing, MEL/Python, rigging, pre-vis, or FX. Animation is a plus but not mandatory. We do not have a 3D character animation intern position at this time.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication skills, and good attitude in a collaborative studio.
  • Interns work closely with the CG Supervisor and CG lead to hone their 3D talents in a production environment.

Please send resume, including a list of software you use, and reel link, including breakdown, and/or PDF portfolio attachments to us. Please include “3D Intern” in the subject line of your email. International inquiries are welcome. No phone calls please.

Buck is always seeking talented folks.



BUCK is seeking Design/Motion Graphics Interns. This is an excellent opportunity for design/animation students to experience first hand the commercial production process.

Candidates should be very strong designers and illustrators and/or 2D/3D motion graphics animators with a great sense of timing.


Qualifications and responsibilities include:

  • Design experience using Photoshop and Illustrator. Skill sets employing additional techniques always welcome.
  • Animation experience using After Effects, Maya, and Cinema 4D. Additional skill sets employing alternate programs always welcome.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication skills, and good attitude in a collaborative studio.
  • Interns work closely with Creative Directors, Associate Creative Directors, and Art Directors to hone their design talents in a production environment.

Please send resume, including a list of software you use, and reel link, including breakdown, and/or PDF portfolio attachments to us. Please include desired position in the subject line of your email. International inquiries are welcome. No phone calls please.


TitMouse Internships


Looking for an internship? Please contact

Locations: LA, NYC


FirstBorn Internships

NOTE: These are 6 months long and paid. Ideal for Seniors who are graduating.

Firstborn is a digital agency headquartered in New York City. We are strategists, designers, producers and technologists who share a passion for creating great ideas and translating them into engaging, intelligent and innovative user experiences.We are a multiplatform agency, creating websites, online ads, viral campaigns, digital applications, 3D models, HD video, interactive installations, content management tools and just about anything else that takes advantage of digital technology.

This is firstborn’s studio reel from a year ago:


Dreamworks Internships

Example positions:

Creative Intern (Summer)

Now accepting resumes for the Summer Program (full-time, paid) starting around 6/2/14.

DreamWorks Animation seeks an Intern for the Creative department in Glendale, CA. Intern will be exposed to the inner workings of the Creative group within themarketing business development organization. Intern will learn the responsibilities of a Character Artist within a studio environment and see how character art is used to anchor retail programs and key product categories. Intern will gain insight into the world of storytelling through compelling product development. Intern will gain exposure to design projects, including a variety of commercial requirements such as style guides, retail presentations, publishing book cover designs and overallproduct development.


Must be a Junior or Senior BA/BS or Masters candidate currently enrolled in a four-year college or university. Candidates should have a combination of traditional fine art and technical art skills. Must be proficient in Illustrator and Photoshop andCS 6 suite for Mac. A working knowledge of Maya is a plus. The ability interpret various artistic styles is essential. Must have a professional manner and exceptional communication skills. Must be detailed oriented with strong organizational skills and have the ability to multitask, take direction and hit deadlines. We are not able to sponsor international students in Overhead departments.

Post Production Intern (SM)

Now accepting resumes for the Summer Program (full-time, paid) starting around 6/2/14.

DreamWorks Animation seeks an Intern for the Post Production department in Glendale, CA. Intern will gain an overview of how a film and a DVD project moves through a studio digital post pipeline, including exposure to marketing & production requests for assets during the finishing of a film. Intern will gain knowledge of various digital post production duplication processes in a studio dubroom. Intern will learn how a studio partners with other movie studios and other post facilities in order to prepare a film and/or DVD for release. Intern will develop the organizational & communication skills necessary for a frenetic production environment and specifically for an entry-level Production Assistant position within the studio.


Must be a Junior or Senior BA/BS candidate currently enrolled in a four-year college/university. Film/Cinema, Communications, Media Studies or related majors preferred. Candidates should be well organized, highly self-motivated individuals who function well in fast-paced, frenetic production based environments. Those applying must be confident and proactive with excellent communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal) and feel comfortable interacting with employees at all levels of the organization. Knowledge of office management software (Excel, Word, Gmail, etc.) is necessary. We are not able to sponsor international students in Overhead departments.

Artistic Developmt Intern (SM)

Now accepting resumes for the Summer Program (full-time, paid) starting around 6/2/14.

DreamWorks Animation seeks an Intern for the Artistic Development department in Glendale, CA. Intern will learn how a studio research library is maintained andobserve various research projects. Intern will gain exposure to the archiving process for original artwork. Intern may also learn how to coordinate and develop various Artistic Development and Outreach events. Intern will gain knowledge of both the Story and Visual development process as well as the expectations of an entry level position in a production environment.


Must be a Junior or Senior BA/BS candidate currently enrolled in a four-year college/university. Art, Animation, and/or Communications majors strongly preferred. Candidates should be well organized, highly self-motivated individuals who function well in fast-paced, frenetic production based environments. Those applying must be confident and proactive with excellent communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal) and feel comfortable interacting with employees at all levels of the organization. Must have knowledge of graphic design software, especially experience with Adobe PhotoShop and Premiere. Knowledge of office management software is necessary, including Excel, Word, Gmail, and FileMaker Pro. We are not able to sponsor international student in Overhead departments.

Production Intern (Summer)

Now accepting resumes for the Summer Program (full-time, paid) starting around 6/2/14.

DreamWorks Animation seeks Production Interns for the studio in Glendale, CA. Interns will be assigned to a department on an animated feature film and gain insight into production office staff responsibilities. Specific exposure will depend on department, but can range from front-end development/story to back-end lighting and effects.


Must be a Junior or Senior BA/BS candidate currently enrolled in a four-year college/university. Film/Cinema, Communications, Media Studies or related majors preferred. Candidates should be well organized, highly self-motivated individuals who function well in fast-paced, frenetic production based environments. Those applying must be confident and proactive with excellent communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal) and feel comfortable interacting with employees at all levels of the organization. Knowledge of office management software (Excel, Word, Gmail, etc.) is necessary. We are not able to sponsor international students in production internships.

Training Intern (Summer)

Now accepting resumes for the Summer Program (full-time, paid) starting around 6/2/14.

DreamWorks Animation seeks an Intern for the Digital Training department in Redwood City, CA. Intern will learn about the digital training process for various production artists (Animator, Effects Artist, Surfacer, Matte Painter, etc.) at an animation studio, including gaining an operational knowledge of training lab equipment. Intern will have opportunity to attend training classes to learn about the animation pipeline and the software used to create our movies. Intern will have opportunity to meet with artists from departments of interest to learn about the day to day process for those departments.


Must be a Junior or Senior BA/BS candidate currently enrolled in a four-year college or university. Must be interested in CG animated feature film production and have experience in 2D/3D digital media. Must be proficient with Word, Excel, Outlook, & Photoshop in a Windows environment. Must be detail-oriented and possess excellent written skills. We are not able to sponsor international students in Overhead departments.


Animating Quadrupeds Study

Animating quadrupeds is extremely difficult in 3D to really master that motion. I found this really quick test a nice way to see how one moves from various angles. Take a look and hopefully this helps.




And also the free demo introduction of the Digital Tutors “Animating Quadrupeds in Maya 8.5” gives you a little insight as well.

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EA Sports

What better way to get into the game industry than by working as an EA intern or co-op? EA offers paid internships or co-op positions (pay ranges vary depending on location, experience and skills), so you can actually get paid for working on games. We will also include your name in the game credits – how cool is that? Better yet, an EA internship or co-op just might lead to a career with EA after your graduation.

An EA internship/co-op is a great way to get real-world experience in the games industry. You get hands-on experience working on actual projects, and the team you’re working with benefits from your fresh perspective. We are confident that once you’ve sampled life at EA you’ll want to come back after graduation.

EA Internships cover a host of roles, some of which include:

Software Engineers – Interns are responsible for creating C, C++, C#, or Assembly code and/or Java code as part of the game development for a game’s features or tools. Potential interns typically pursue a degree in computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering with a strong mathematical background. Candidates should have solid programming experience in various languages. Other desired skills include bit-mapped graphics, 3D graphics, artificial intelligence, and physics. Game development experience is helpful but not required. Candidates should also have strong interpersonal and problem-solving abilities.

Computer Graphic Artists – Interns are responsible for creating images using 3D modeling, texturing, background design, and animation, while mastering development tools including Maya™, 3ds max™, SOFTIMAGE®|XSI™, Photoshop®, and/or DeBabelizer®. Potential interns must be pursuing a degree in an art-related field. Basic art training is essential, 2D animation and basic 3D skills are a plus. Candidates will need to submit a portfolio/demo reel and/or URL that demonstrates expertise in taking projects from concept to completion. Any experience in electronic game/multimedia or film/video production or 32-bit media creation skills is a plus.

Technical Artists – Reporting to the Art Director on a game team, the Technical Artist is expected to be the bridge between Artists and Engineers. Individuals in this role are pro-active problem solvers who demonstrate a strong sense of creativity and respect for aesthetics. Candidates can be from an art, design, mathematics, engineering, or science background. However, they must be comfortable working with both art and science. Working with Programming/Technical staff, the Technical Artist ensures that CG assets are easily integrated into the game engine without sacrificing artistic integrity.

Production and Game Design – Interns help to lead and drive the design and gameplay development by partnering with the Development Director and team to ensure on-time, high-quality delivery of various features. Interns need excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to handle multiple projects under a demanding schedule. Knowledge of the videogame industry is a plus. Candidates should also have strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills.


Turner 3D Animation Internship

Summer 2014 Digital Games Art Intern

Qualifications: Candidates for this internship should have a strong foundation in traditional art, proficiency in character/object modeling and animation in 3DS MAX. Preferrably with a game design/dev orientation.

Duties: Please Note: Students @ Work Internships Program dates are June 2nd – August 8th. Interns are paid at minimum-wage and relocation is not provided. Students must have completed their sophomore year in college prior to the start of the internship. In addition, students may not have graduated college or graduate school prior to the start of the internship (i.e. STUDENTS MUST BE ENROLLED IN SCHOOL DURING THE TIME OF THIS INTERNSHIP). Note to International Students: All international students will be required to provide documentation of proper visa paperwork prior to your arrival if accepted to the program.

Due to the high volume of candidates for Turner’s Internship Program, interested students are encouraged to apply for openings as soon as possible, as these positions will be filled on an ongoing basis. Competitive candidates are typically contacted after internships are no longer posted on the website. Future semester Internship postings will also be available after the prior semester internships are no longer posted on the website.

This position is for a 3d generalist within the CN Digital Games Team. Prospective candidates should have good communication skills and ability to work well within a small interdisciplinary team. Daily responsibiliies may include 3d modeling, animation, concept design, creating texture passes and managing many other ancillary art assets.


Cosmic Toast Studios

Cosmic Toast Studios (“CTS”), located in Burbank, California, is a full-service animation and production studio skilled in all aspects of pre-production, production, and post-production. CTS houses a fully equipped facility and staff all under one roof so that every step of the production process can be completed within the studio, including animation (both 2D and CGI), writing, storyboarding, animatics, shooting (CTS has its own green screen facility), editing, sound design, music scoring, and song and voiceover recording.


425 North Moss Street
Burbank, CA 91502

T. 818.845.6555
F. 818.878.8547

LOOKING FOR A JOB OR INTERNSHIP? Email them if interested.


Really Cool Tutorial on Animating in Photoshop

To those of you who attended Juliana’s 10 minute talk and want to learn more about animating in Photoshop, here’s a great tutorial on how to do that.

Thank you Natasha Nayo for sending us this link!

Lift Animation Internships

An up and coming stop motion studio in LA

Here’s their demo reel:

All internships are unpaid. Please email with Lift Internship in the subject line. Please include your resume, reel/portfolio and specialty interested in.

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Treyarch Internship

Deadline: Rolling Basis

Activision Blizzard and its affiliated companies is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. 
Animation Intern - Treyarch
We are looking for Animation Interns to work on our next exciting project.  As an intern, you will work directly with some of the best artists, designers, and engineers in our industry.  Our interns are expected to demonstrate strong self-initiative and come up to speed quickly. 

Home to some of the industry's best and brightest talent, Treyarch is an industry-leading game developer whose Call of Duty: Black Ops II set world-wide launch day records, and whose previous game Call of Duty®: Black Ops set an entertainment launch opening record upon its release in 2010 and continues to be one of the best-selling games of all time.

What you’ll be doing:    
• Work directly with the department Lead and Senior Animators as well as Designers to identify and execute on the animation needs for the game.
• Create great animation using motion capture data or keyframing.
• Follow group standards and best practices.
• Participate in a multi-discipline development team.
• Collaborate effectively with other disciplines including art, design, and audio.
• Manage day-to-day development issues; identify problems and drive creative solutions to fix them.
• Prepare for and attend motion capture shoots as needed.

The skills/experience you’ll need:
• Currently enrolled in an Animation or related 3D program.
• Knowledge of MotionBuilder a plus.
• Some experience with Motion Capture.
• A positive attitude and ability to work on a multi-discipline team.
• Ability to take direction well.
• A passion for developing high quality games.
• Commitment to fulfill and complete the internship.
• Please provide access to your demo reel.

Primary Location
United States-California-Santa Monica

Blue Sky Studios Internships

Our summer internship program is a fun, exciting and educationally-packed 10 weeks.  Each intern is specially selected and placed in a department that best fits their skills and interests.  Throughout the 10 weeks they will be mentored and supervised by a Blue Sky pro in that field.

If you are currently studying computer science, animation or film, then we encourage you to apply and join us this summer for this fantastic experience.

We will be looking for interns for in the following disciplines:

Visual Development
Production Engineering
Research & Development

To apply, you will need 2 letters of recommendation from either professors, or professionals in the business.  For artistic positions, you’ll need to create an on-line portfolio and/or reel.   We recommend that if you are applying to more than one position, you create a separate reel or portfolio for each.

  • Application process is now open.
  • Application process closes on April 11, 2014
  • To apply, please email us your resume, cover letter, 2 letters of recommendation, and if applicable, a link to your reel and/or portfolio.  Email the above mentioned to:
  • Please note in your subject field which department you are applying for.  (EG: Internship – Story)
  • Summer internship starts on June 2, 2014
  • Summer internship ends on August 8, 2014
  • The internship is open to all undergrad and graduate college students whose graduation dates fall within the following time frame: Winter 2013 through Spring 2015.

We look forward to seeing you this summer!


The Mill Internships

The Mill is a visual effects, animation, and design studio, respected for high-end visual effects, award-winning moving image, design and digital projects for the advertising, games and music industries. The Mill is usually well represented at the numerous Advertising and Visual Effects awards ceremonies world-wide each year.

They are able to offer a select few talented individuals a two-month internship programme to gain invaluable experience working in our world-class digital media and visual effects environment prior to the completion of a degree course. The program is available in London, New York and Los Angeles on presentation of a valid work permit or visa.

For a place in the program you must be entering your final year of study at college or university in one of the following fields:

  • 3D & Animation
  • Compositing, Roto-scoping, Matte Painting, etc.
  • Digital Interactive
  • Design and Illustration
  • Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry

Their internships run throughout the year, and encompass Design, Digital Interactive, Animation, 2D, 3D, Colour Grading and Production. If successful, you will be assigned a mentor who will provide support, guidance and training and you will be given the opportunity to work on fast-paced, creatively challenging projects across all media.

Please apply via email to: with a CV and covering letter outlining the area in which you are most interested and why you have chosen The Mill. If applicable, include your current show reel and shot breakdown.

Due to the volume of applications the Mill receives, only those shortlisted will be contacted.


Pixar Internships

Interested in internships at Pixar?

There are quite a few available for Animation, Art, Post-Production, Story, etc.Also be sure to look into PUP (Pixar Undergraduate Program).

Everything is right here in the link:


Laika Internships


What are LAIKA’S internship qualifications?

Students must be currently enrolled as a junior or senior in a college or a university.

Are LAIKA internships paid?

Yes, LAIKA only offers paid internships. We do not offer internships for college credit.

Will LAIKA cover housing for interns?

LAIKA offers some assistance with housing (fairly minimal); full details shared upon hire.

What should I showcase in my portfolio?

For guidance on what to showcase in your portfolio, please seek direction from your career advisor and/or career center at your current school.

What is the duration of the internship?

Students must be available for eight consecutive weeks; most internships last twelve weeks.

Will I need a portfolio to apply for an internship?

Yes. To apply for an internship position on the LAIKA career page, please click on the link. You will be instructed on how to apply. Allowable resume formats include: PDF (.pdf), MS Word (.doc), Plain Text (.txt), Rich Text Format (.rtf), and/or HTML (.htm/.html). Any additional details you may need regarding the submission of reels and/or portfolios will be provided. For PDF files, please be sure the PDF is text-based vs. character-based in order to ensure your resume is uploaded to your profile.

What types of interns does LAIKA hire?

Departments that typically hire interns are:

  • Puppets (Costume, Sculpture, Armature, Puppet Painting)
  • VFX (CG Modelers, Texture Artists, Compositors, Roto/Paint)
  • Art Department (Scenic Design, Sets & Props, Character Design, Story Design, Illustrators)
  • Animation
  • Editorial

Do you offer both winter and summer internships?

LAIKA hires interns year round, with the highest volume hired in the summer. Keep your eye on the website for internship postings.

How long are the internship positions posted for?

The timeline for filling our internships is completely dependent on the quality of applicants applying and the amount of competition for each position. Thus, intern positions are open until filled, unless a deadline for applying appears on the posting.

Do you accept international internship applications?

Unfortunately we do not offer international internship opportunities. We are at the beginning stages of developing our internship program and have not yet established the formal parameters that are necessary when providing academic credit to our participants or the structured training process that is required in legally obtaining a J-1 visa.

We encourage international candidates interested in employment opportunities at LAIKA to familiarize themselves with the qualifications required for the various visas (O-1, TN, H-1B, etc.) and to investigate whether or not you meet those legal requirements. For more information regarding work visas, please visit:

If you’ve read all the FAQs and still have a question, please contact:

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Disney Internships

Interested in a Disney Internship?

**If you are graduating this year, look into the talent development program. If you are a sophomore or junior, look into the Art & Production Summer Internship Program.

Talent Development Program: Graduating Students

The Talent Development Program is available for recent graduates of undergraduate or graduate programs (within three years of graduation date) for a 3- or 6-month paid position at Walt Disney Animation Studios. The Talent Development Program offers participants a chance to understand the depth of their new skills, refine and strengthen key areas, apply them in our real world environment, and work under the guidance of a Disney Mentor. Talent Development Program is based in our Burbank, California offices. Talent Development Trainees are assigned to a specific discipline such as:

  • Story
  • Visual Development
  • Modeling
  • Animation
  • Layout
  • Texture Painting
  • Background Painting
  • Effects Animation
  • Lighting & Compositing
  • Technical Director – Character
  • Technical Director – Hair/Cloth
  • Technical Director – Look
  • Technical Director – Effects
  • Technical Director – Pipeline
  • Production Management
  • Post Production

Art & Production Summer Internship Program: Students Returning to School in the Fall

Join us for your summer break! Our eight-week Summer Art & Production Intern Program is designed specifically for students who will be returning to school in the fall. As an intern, you will have the unique opportunity to work directly with a Disney mentor as you explore all aspects of art, storytelling, and filmmaking. Your internship will also allow you to meet and collaborate with a talented group of students from around the globe and become part of a multi-disciplinary team focused on both individual and group projects. This once-in-a-lifetime undergraduate program will give you an incredible hands-on experience that will expand your creative horizons and benefit you throughout your entire career.

More information at:


Business Cards Competition

Animation majors,

Career Fair is on March 7th, which means it is time to update our resumes, build our portfolios, and create some nifty business cards.
To help students out, the Animation Department is hosting a Business Card Competition!
It is simple. Submit your design following the guidelines below by February 17th. Our panel of graphic design students and professors will choose the top three designs and the Animation Department will have them printed for you for FREE through, one of the best places to get business cards printed.

Not the best graphic designer? No worries! Submit anyways because you never know if you’ll win, and even if you don’t, our panel of graphic designers will provide you with the feedback you need to make sure those cards are ready for Career Fair.

Business Card Competition Rules:

1. Must be an Animation major.
2. Please submit your files in a .psd, .ai, .pdf, .jpg, or .png. If you submit a .psd or .ai, please make sure to send your font file with it.
You must use either the template for the Minicards or the business cards if you want them printed.

These are the recommended sizes from, which is where they will be printed if you win.

Product Minimum (96dpi) Recommended (300dpi)
MiniCards 280 x 121 pixels 874 x 378 pixels
Business Cards 333 x 223 pixels 1039 x 697 pixels

3. File Naming
Please have two separate files for your front and back. Name them accordingly:
If you plan to make use of Moo’s Printfinity feature, ( then please upload your files as:


10 Min Talks Schedule!!

Ten minute talks are a 10 minute introduction to programs, techniques and styles that your classmates and teachers know a lot about but perhaps you don’t!  There are so many tools out there that it’s impossible to master them all in four years, but by pooling our collective knowledge, we can all learn new things together.

Ten minute talks take place in Brown 205 at 2:30.

Upcoming Talks:

2/12  Juliana Chen : Senior Animation major who will be talking about a flash and photoshop animation pipeline.

2/19  Karen Chang: Junior Interactive Arts major who will be giving an intro to Unity, the gaming engine.

2/26  Jes Lewis:  Senior Animation major and career development advisor who will be talking about how to prepare for the career fair and catch that dream job.

3/5  Boone Snavely: Senior Animation major who will demonstrate his style, particularly in regards to human anatomy.