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Animating Quadrupeds Study

Animating quadrupeds is extremely difficult in 3D to really master that motion. I found this really quick test a nice way to see how one moves from various angles. Take a look and hopefully this helps.




And also the free demo introduction of the Digital Tutors “Animating Quadrupeds in Maya 8.5” gives you a little insight as well. http://www.digitaltutors.com/tutorial/3272-Animating-Quadrupeds-in-Maya

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Stop Motion final for Max Porter’s Stop-Motion Animation Class.

Gouache and Glycerine on Glass


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Lorn – ‘Ghosst(s)

Artiste : LORN
Titre: Ghosst(s)
Director: CRCR
website: crcr.fr/
tumblr: blog.crcr.fr/
Label: Ninja Tunes
Produced by: QUAD
Producer: Sonlan Tran
Animation: Rémi Bastie, Mathieu Bétard, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Nicolas Dehghani, Paul Lacolley, Nicolas Pegon, Jérémy Pires
Compositing: Geoffrey Skrajewski, Philippe Valette

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