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Reel Roulette

Today in Junior Seminar, Marsha from Career Development stopped by and mentioned a website called Reel Roulette.




Reel Roulette features demo reels from motion graphic artists, animators, compositors, visual effects artists, etc. All you have to do click “Next Reel” and you jump to a random demo reel which you can “like”. Anyone can submit their demo reel to the site (via a vimeo link) and it gets added to their collection.

Its a great way to get your work out there and also discover whats out there.

I submitted mine this morning and here’s what it looks like: http://reelroulette.net/bhaktipatel


Henning Sanden – Modeling Demo Reel


Henning Sanden created a really nice 3D modeling demo reel.¬† So what’s neat about it?

1) He labels all his projects in the lower left hand corner.

2) Model turntables. He does full 360 rotations of his models.

3) Lighting. He uses really nice area lights (or something similar) that is diffused like a soft box, so its wide enough that it isn’t too harsh or pinpointed and at the same time, it allows me to see what kind of specularity/reflection/refraction/incandescence he has on his textures. Pretty much, they not only show of his modeling skills, but also his texturing skills. For the models where he is just showing off his modeling skills, he uses a red light on one side of it. This really adds some depth and dimension.

4) Wireframes. Occasionally, he will show off his wireframe, which is really neat to see because its so clean.

5) He varies things up. Based on each project, things change. He picks and chooses which project to show off the model, wireframe, finished renders, textures, etc. He’s also selective about what he says for each project. Most projects, he just wrote the name of the project, but for the last project, he mentioned his process, which is really important just for that one project.

6) The description. Instead of putting all the information right there  in the demo reel, he chose to leave some of it for the description, which reads:

“This is my modeling reel for 2014.

Primary tools – modo and Maya
Sculpting – ZBrush
Texturing – Mari
Rendering -Vray and modo
Photoscanning – Agisoft Photoscan
Compositing – Nuke
You can see more of my work on my website – henningsanden.com”

What’s great about that is that when I watch his demo reel, I can just enjoy it without having to worry so much about reading all the text in time before it changes to the next clip.


Anyways, check out Henning Sanden’s work. It is seriously some amazing stuff. Website is http://www.henningsanden.com .

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Interesting Character Demo Reel – Stefan Mayr


I came across this demo reel a few months ago and thought it was really interesting how he created his demo reel. It was put together pretty well and here are just a few things that he does really well:

1) He shows what programs he uses in a very simple way. By adding the icons to the side whenever he presents a new project.
Really simple and nicely done and also not distracting. Its not like 5 different colors or anything, just simple and clean.

2) He started with his strongest work. I loved that character in the beginning and immediately wanted to watch the rest of it.

3) He put his name and contact info in the beginning. Well most people do it right from the start, but he chose to show a clip from his work first, get the audience’s interest, and then put his contact info. Interesting move and in this case it worked well.

4) Character Rotations. Those character rotations are just beautiful. Steady and clean, well lit, and doesn’t have a distracting background. And he also shows off the wireframe.

5) The framing. From 1:20 – 1:30 , I cannot stress enough how smart it was to frame it like that. It lets us see the whole character and just focus on that, and then slowly brings in the rest of the character from head to toe really large.

6) Shot Breakdown. 1:30 – 1:50, a really nice shot breakdown where we can see the final scene, the wireframe, etc.

7) Overlaying Rigs. 1:52 – 2:00, he overlaid the rig on top of the character, fading it in and out, so we can actually see how well it was done.


Of course all of these things are not required in a demo reel. You don’t need to show shot breakdowns or do character rotations, or list all the programs you use. It all varies with the kind of work you do, what/who you are making the demo reel for, and what you want to show off. But if you want to present yourself as a character animator/modeler, this is a nice demo reel to inspire you.