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This is a little more related to photography, but still quite interesting. Cinemagraphs are animated GIFs where most of it is just a still image and only a part of it moves. It creates a really weird but neat effect.

Learn how to make one here.

Anyways here are a few really cool cinemagraphs that I’ve come across.


Source: phlearn.com

Source: Julien Douvier

Source: Julien Douvier

Source: Daniel Alves


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Animation Tutorial from Ty Carter

Ty Carter, Designer at Blue Sky Studios, posted a few tutorials regarding painting from a photo reference and understanding design, color and value. It really quick and to the point. Definitely got quite a few really great tips on there.



Thanks Paulene for finding this!

ty carter tut 1 ty carter tut 4 ty carter tut2 ty carter tut3

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A great resource for 3D animators is cg.tutsplus.com.

They have interviews, tips and tricks, tutorials, inspiration, etc. on dozens of programs including Blender, Maya, zBrush, 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Mudbox, and Modo.

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